16 October 2009

fabulous fabric flowers

Linsey at Voila is to blame for this new obsession.

The perfect corsage for Fall:

I've seen pillows at Anthropologie like this:

To adorn my daughter's head:

The fabulous thing about this project is that it takes very little material, so if you save your scraps like I do it costs nothing at all to whip out several of these at a time! The one on the bottom, left, is actually made from scraps of handkerchiefs!

If you want instructions on how I made these, let me know. There are also instructions at Linsey's blog, although I changed a few things in the way that I did mine. :)


Yvonne said...

Very cute.

lisalyn said...

Thread, fabric and sewing machines do not like me!! :)

But obviously you do well with all of them! :) Very pretty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.