27 May 2008

Did I just say that?

As a mom who is rarely undistracted, I strongly believe that whatever comes out of my mouth should not to be questioned, except by myself. This should be a commandment.

Today at lunch Drew (3) kept getting up from the table. Over and over ad nauseum. So I kept trying to clean up his place at the table. And he'd come running back and say "I'm not done!" I found myself replying, "If you're going to eat, eat!" Which makes no sense really. And he's getting smart enough to realize that now. Giving me that puzzled look.

I never thought I'd mistake my children for one another. My own mother did it and it really bugged. Now I regularly go through the whole family's names before I get to the right one. Sometimes I don't even start with the right gender. Drew is always there to correct me. But I am exempt. Because I usually have a million other things on my mind, alright?! If I call a name and you are guilty, come running I say! Regardless of whether or not the name exists in our family!

"Because I said so." How many of you have that one on your list? It's losing it's effect on my 9 year old. But it still works great on the others, so I am standing by it.

I especially love it when I say "yes" to something I clearly meant to say "no" to. It's not until I hear the "YAYs" and see the backflips that I realize I just committed to something big. I don't think tantrums should be allowed if mom was approached under the influence (of blogging). Backsies, however, should be allowed when approached under the influence!

We need to recondition this line of thinking that "Mother knows best." Because sometimes mommy forgets her shoes when she leaves the house. And looks all over the house for the keys she is holding in her left hand. She may even try to put your socks on your hands when getting you dressed.

And you know what? It is O.K.


QueenMeadow said...

Amen sistah!!

Yvonne said...

IT IS A COMMANDMENT--isn't it?!?

It's nice to know I'm not alone ; )

Lara said...

I think we all relate to this! :)

I did just read an interesting essay on how "Because I said so" is disrespectful to our children, and it gave me pause. But I am guilty of saying it all the time.

the lazy reader said...

I am so with you. I just blame every faux paus on "mommy brain."

Jen said...

"If I call a name and you are guilty, come running I say!" LOL.

I find myself saying, "because I am your mother and I told you to do it."

Sweetpea said...

I LOVE this post. And I think it's a commandment--at least in my house!

charrette said...

Mommy brain is a serious condition. :)
Just a couple of days ago my daughter wore a $500-but-truly-priceless-custom-created-for-me-by-an-artist necklace to school. My husband saw it and busted her: "Honey, we already told you you can't borrow that necklace." "But mom said I could." "What? When?" "I asked her this morning when she was sleeping." Awesome! There ought to be a law against THAT!

perilloparodies said...

hah-hah-hah-hah-hah... thanks for the chuckles. so with you there...