08 December 2006

Rooty toot toot and a rummy tum tum

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The holidays bring in lots of fun opportunities for me to perform, which has me thinking about some of my favorite Christmas music. I thought I'd give my review of the best stuff out there.

Two years ago I saw Harry Connick, Jr. perform. It was not only my first time to hear him in concert, it was also my first time to hear him. Lol. Nothing had steered me away from his music up until that point, I'd just never taken an interest in it. He performed primarily from his "Harry for the Holidays" album and let me tell you, I bought it practically on the way home from the concert. It is filled with upbeat, toe tapping renditions of all your favorite carols, plus a couple really good originals by handsome Mr. Harry himself.

Another great album I enjoy listening too is "An Airus Christmas". Now, I am partial to the music because I used to record for the sudio that produced it, but I also believe it is some of the most well written Christmas music out there. It is calming and beautiful - perfect for a drive out to see Christmas lights, or on the way to and from church, or in the background during dinner.

I love the soundtrack to "Miracle on 34th Street" (redone). There's nothing like a soulful Aretha Franklin side by side with the ethereal Sarah MacLachlan (can't wait to open her new album on Christmas morn) to put you in the holiday mood.

What's Christmas without a little Bing? There are a variety of Bing Crosby compilations to choose from. I don't believe I've heard one that I DIDN'T like. He's definitely a familiar voice during the holidays, and a necessary staple for your collection.

And here are a few songs you may not hear much of that I think are worthy of endless repetition:
Carol of the Bells
Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel
What Child is This/Greensleeves
Coventry Carol
Jesu Bambino
I Saw Three Ships
Ave Maria
We Three Kings
I Wonder as I Wander
Little Drummer Boy
Do You Hear What I Hear?

Listen to The Nutcracker. Listen to The Messiah. Listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ("Sing, Choir of Angels" is my favorite). All preferrably in lieu of "Last Christmas" by Wham. What does that song have to do with merry cheer, anyway? ;)


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas music,too. (I just recently did a post on this topic.)

Glad to hear that other people like some more of the obscure Christmas songs - Carol of the Bells, Jesu Bambino, and Do You Hear What I Hear. I also love "In the Bleak Mid Winter."

The Messiah is wonderful. We also really enjoy some of Amy Grant's Christmas albums. The new one we bought this year was the Sarah McLachlan "Wintersong" CD. Very good. I will have to check out some of your recommendations! Thanks for sharing.

Morning Glory said...

Wonderful choices of music! There is just so much really beautiful Christmas music out there. I'm always a little sad when Christmas is over and the music gets put away for another year.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to check out the Miracle on 34 st soundtrack! I've got the Nutcracker playing right now, another great CD! The music is what makes it "Christmas" for me :)

sheri said...

Just LOVE Christmas music, too! I have it on most of the day...at home and in the car. For some reason, it's relaxing AND motivates me.
What's been really fun this year is seeing Kyle enjoy some of the music. So far, everytime he hears "Do You Hear What I Hear?" he reminds me that's his favorite song. So fun!
And ftr, "O Holy Night" by Clay Aiken (stop laughing) is probably 1 of my all-time favorites.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Coventry Carol is one of my favorites, along with Carol of the Bells.

I made my DH buy that Sarah MacLachlan CD for me online. FANTASTIC!!!!!

Nicole said...

I love Christmas music! The season just isn't complete until I sung along with the Hallelujah Chorus at least once.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Christmas music but not the sappy elevator stuff the easy-listening stations play. My favorite is "Forgotten Carols" by Michael McLean.

JD said...

Oh I need some of those goodies. There is something about cooking dinner to a good lot of christmas carols.

Anonymous said...

Some good songs! I agree with the Wham song. I'm pretty sick of our Christmas station playing it over and over...

utmommy said...

I love Christmas music too! I start playing it right after Thanksgiving. One of my favorite songs is Christmas Shoes, but I've only heard that once this year. I need to find out who sings it, and just buy the CD.

Anonymous said...

love christmas music here- as a child I loved bing's "CHristmas dinner country style" a lesser know ode to christmas feasting!

Anonymous said...

I just got the new Chrismtad cd from Il divo! Oh it's so nice!
I saw Sarah MacLachlan on Marha yesterday! It was really nice!
We can not get that over here!
I went into a shop and asked them!
$ months to get it in! Ummm no thanks lol Christmas will be gone by then! LOL

Lei said...

Oh - Il Divo, another good one Rach! Thanks for reminding me. :)

Tigersue said...

I just picked up Diana Krall, hers is all Jazz and the more "popular christmas" so it is kind of fun. My favorite is the Robert Shaw Choral "Songs of Angels", accapella and wonderful. I could listen to it all year long.
I also love the Tab Choir CD you mentioned!

Our family christmas music is a big thing. My father for years made a tape of recording of our favorite christmas music and we would give those out to neighbors in leiu of treats. It became a quest to find new nice music.

Unfortunately I don't care for the Miracle of 34th street soundtrack. I can stand it in the movie but to listen I go up the wall for the most part. :( I'm glad it works for you!

How are you doing? I haven't dropped in for awhile because of being so busy.
Have a very Merry Christmas!