12 December 2006

The midnight train to Georgia?

Anyone know where to catch it? ;)

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings me introspection and hope... I look at my life and I see a lot of room for improvement. And I hope I can keep going and improving my life. At times, though, I wonder how I might do that. Because it's the very things that keep my life in order that sometimes driving me crazy!

I thought about this deeply today as I dragged myself and my two little ones to the grocery store, simply because it's my usual day to go. I could have made it another day without the groceries themselves, but I knew that would upset the rest of my week. Yes - Monday and Tuesday are laundry days, plus Tuesday is grocery day. Wednesday is bathroom and dusting day. Thursday is vacuum and mop day. And Friday is kitchen day. Any deviation from "the schedule" and I pay for it more than I did by forcing myself to get it done in the first place. So, I just do it. Like jumping into a cold pool. Or pulling off a bandaid. Or getting out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds. You just do it.

What keeps you going? Me? Some days - a girl's night out. A quiet dinner with my husband after the children have gone to bed. A spoonful of peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate chips.:) Some days I don't need much at all. I wake up happy to go about my little routines. Other days I know I need something, but nothing really does the trick. I guess on those days, there is an unseen force or drive that keeps me going. Perhaps it is simply answering to the divine call of motherhood that blesses me with the power to endure.

So, I am grateful for the traditions of Christmas and the New Year. They give me the desire to sprint for the finish line. Even if I have to just go through the actions on some days, and wait for my heart to be in it.

When January 1st rolls around, I get to catch my breath and start anew.


Morning Glory said...

I'm hoping you get a nice, deep-cleansing breath of rejuvenation before Jan. 1. Your schedule sounds very busy, but in the middle of that post, I sense a deep, deep love.

Anonymous said...

You are very busy! I am also looking to take a short breath once the new year begins.

Ivey Elizabeth Sirmans said...

Beautiful post. There isn't much to add to it. You said it all. I think it is pretty healthy to be some what in a routine..A good girl's nightout is always a plus, or a date night. Some of the best times are just going in the bookstore alone. Gwen

Anonymous said...

I think I will board the train to Georgia with you : ) !! Life has been so busy lately and I can't wait for the New Year and that chance to catch my breath.

Thanks for the wonderful post. I found myself nodding to practically everything you were saying. I also keep myself on a good routine because it is what keeps me going. Grocery shopping is always done on Thursday's and if it's not, it does upset the precarious balance of everyhing else ... at least I guess I let it do that :) !!

Things that keep my going - alone time, going on a date with the husband, spiritual refueling, a fun night out with good friends and yummy food ... yes, I am a food snob!

Tigersue said...

I am not sure what my pickme ups are right now. I don't have a routine, it is too exhausting to even think about. I know I should but I can't.
I love the holidays though and I hope I can figure things out soon.