04 December 2006

MOD Monday

Let your creative juices flow!

I have found that creativity just cannot be stifled, no matter how busy you get! I've hardly had the time to make things that I normally would around the holidays, but I managed to come up with a few cheap and very simple ideas to share with you all.

I caved and bought artificial trees this year (I've always been a fresh tree gal). I found 3 tall, skinny alpines that I really like. But the base is just an ugly black metal platform, which needed to be covered up. I wasn't sure if you could buy tree skirts that small. Plus I needed 3, which = $$$. So, I went to WalMart and bought some cheap felt, cut out my circles and sewed on a few buttons and ribbon ties, and voila! Each tree has a different pattern (I still need to whipstitch the edges of the other 2), and the grand total for all my supplies was about $10.

A few Christmases ago I went to a kitschy home decor store with my MIL. They these moss covered balls everywhere that were just gorgeous! - in Christmas trees, window sills, suspended from the ceiling. They were super easy to make... you can embellish them however you like, but I used copper wire, upholstery pins and organza.

I've yet to find stocking hangers I like... you know the ones, they hang over the front of your mantle. Well, they're all a bit trendy looking for me. I'm not saying this is a Vogue worthy idea, but it's a super cheap alternative: I just used mug hooks, on the underside of my mantle, and disguised each one with a pretty bow.

I think I've mentioned before how much I love wreaths. This year I made over some pretty plain ones I've had to give them a bit of a punch. Took me about 5 minutes to get inspired in the dried flowers aisle at the craft store, and only a little longer than that to make! Blogger won't let me post pictures of them right now... I'll have to try again later!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the tree skirt. LOVE!!!

Morning Glory said...

Those are wonderful ideas!! I especially like the tree skirts -- very clever of you.

Anonymous said...

Love them all-but especially the tree skirt! Nice work.

Nettie said...

You are so creative! I can't find stocking hangers I like, either. Unfortunately my mantel is stone, or I'd be definitely copying your idea!

Gina said...

That is a great idea for those alpines... we are just the opposite... I had those trees with the metal frame in previous years and this year I got a real alpine! There is something about a real tree. Never had one growing up or ever until this year!

Love your other ideas too! You are really something with your creativity!