12 April 2006

Wild Card Wednesday - baby, baby, baby!

Are you familiar with these lyrics by 10,000 Maniacs?

"O, baby blankets and baby shoes, baby slippers, baby spoons, walls of baby blue. "

Well, they are ringing through my head as I have had serious baby on the brain. This makes Shelah's idea for a Wild Card Wednesday topic just perfect for today.

Babies are so easy to obsess over, are they not? I mean, who doesn't love all things baby? From the decision to conceive to actually birthing the little bundle we are totally consumed. There is so much to think about! The pregnancy, the right OB, gender, baby names, nursery decor, the layette, birth plans, cravings, nest building (or prenatal lunacy, depending on the mission list), birthing methods, baby gear, pregnancy journals, belly shots.

My brother and sister-in-law are having their first and I am watching as they realize how easy it is to get caught up in the process of bringing life into the world. At first it was like, "Well, all we REALLY need is some baby clothing and maybe a bassinet. We'll start there. Let's not get obsessive." I validated by reminding them that our father slept in a dresser drawer for a couple months.

Last week my sister-in-law called me and told me all about their family Halloween costume for next year. Strawberries. She and my brother will wear all red with green caps and the baby will be in all black (as their little seed). Aw. Now I am willing to bet money they registered for the tummy headphones that pipe Mozart into your womb and guarantee higher math scores.

Two months is all it took for her to get all caught up, lol. And that makes me feel better. Because regardless of what number child you are on, the obsession doesn't go away. As you all know, I am on my fourth. And it is a girl. That doubles my chances for obsession right there.

Well, you be the judge...

This is my favorite hand-me-down from my fellow baby clothing obsessor and sister-in-law:

This is the first baby gift I've received:
This is probably my favorite purchase so far:
Here is the best deal I've gotten ($12 for the whole outfit):
And the worst deal I've gotten (burp cloths, or burp pads as they are called in a snooty boutique):
Here is the frame I "just had to have":
And our monumental plans for Project Nursery:

In all honesty, I do have a little guilt over this because I know they are extravagant personal indulgences, not needs. And the baby's intuition will most likely be to grimace and wriggle free of all her adorable constraints... after all, there is nothing happier or more preicous than a naked baby. But there is something magical and wondrous about preparing for Baby's arrival. We throw ourselves into it partly because it tames our anxiety for the 3/4 of a year we have to wait to nuzzle the tiny fruit of our labors. It eases the immediate amount of work that will ensue upon her arrival. It brings such joy to begin celebrating the minute we see those two perfectly pink lines.

Now - if you'll excuse me, it is lunchtime, and I think I'll go indulge in a little "eat for two"...


Maine Mom said...

I love looking at baby girl clothes. Everything you have is SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

really cute stuff...where did you get the burp pads?

i have been very good about not going overboard for this baby girl..but its hard being my first baby!
her closet and drawers are slowly filling up though...mostly thanks to grandma!haha:) love, mel

Julie said...

Lovin' the burp pads. Totally worth the indulgence!

kfk said...

That has got to be one of the sweetest posts I've read. I was obsessive over the planning stages, until the last one. It's cool that it remains a novelty for you. Don't get me wrong, I totally took joy in the birthing part of it and the bringing home baby, but I cooled out on all the rest. We moved half way across the U.S. when Olivia was 6 weeks old and into military quarters where she shared a room with us for a year. I knew there would be no nursery planning and no room for anything else. But I would so get into again if I ever had another. I LOVE BABIES!
And glad you enjoyed my story. I definately found that the transition from 3 to 4 was much harder. I don't know if it was cuz of the closer age gap or what.

Sunny said...

Lei - you're not allowed to make me Baby-hungry, LOL! I'm really excited for you :)

QueenMeadow said...

I'm excited for you. Buying new tiny things is so much fun. Its hard to remember how small babies can actually be :)

itybtyfrog said...

Congratulations on your girl!!! We want to have one more, but I am scared to death that it will be a boy....we have three girls. What in the world would we do with a boy!?! Today I was seriously not having anymore (one of those great mothering days!), but your post changed my mind. I love all the baby stuff, even if they eventually turn into 3 year olds. Good luck with your pregnancy. Oh, and I love the beginnings of your nursery decor.

Gabriela said...

I love this post!We are going to try for #4 soon, and I am so hoping for another little girl. I love my boys of course, but I want to dress a little girl now that we as poor as we were 8 years ago!

P.S. I liked your waterfall comment! That's what I'll do the next time I am in my shower. :)

Kristen said...

Ahhh, yes. Preparing for baby. There is nothing more satisfying in the world. The clothes are the best. Very cute ones you have, I might add.

I don't think I'll be having another one (unless God has another plan)which is a little sad to me. In my heart though, not in my head. :-)

Nutella said...

How fun! I love the clothes - very cute.

Nettie said...

You have such great taste in baby stuff! I love baby things. Especially baby girl things. Oh, and I found the transition from 3 to 4 the easiest so far. Probably because she was such an easy going baby and her siblings were big enough to help.

Dillet said...

I am Dillet.
I want to die.

Phone: 248-703-7218
State: Michigan
Adress: 443816
City: Shelby
Zip Code: 48617
So kill me today!

Lei said...

It looks like you are in the wrong place!

sheri said...

OH man! I swore this last pg w/Kelly that I probably shouldn't ever find out the sex of the baby again. I spend way too much before the baby is even here! And how can you not get carried away w/the anticipation of a little girl?!

Lei said...

Mel - the burp pads are from a local shop called Picket Fences... want me to get you a pair? They have red in them!!!


Tigersue said...

I absolutely love buying baby things. You have got to get a Leap Frog baby counting pal. It is a soft bug that has 5 segments, it does counting, colours, and classical music. It is so much fun, we love it!
I'm so glad I have been blessed with these last two babies. What a sweet post.

Zoe said...

Ohhhhh, I am going to have to live vicariously through you!! (If I spelled it right!) LOL! Okay, when it comes to spending money on a girl . . . Don't feel guilty!!! That is my motto! :) Andrew might not like that. He he. Your SIL idea for a costume is soooo cute. I definately want to see pictures of that!

Stephanie said...

I love it! I remember wanting to be prepared for anything. I think you are! You have darling taste!

kfk said...

Wanna play tag? Good, you're it! Visit me to see the details!