14 April 2006

Tag, I'm it! 6 weird things meme

I've been tagged by Kristi over at A Beautiful Mess to share 6 weird things about me. Hang on while I call my husband and ask him, lol...

He says, "Well, you are overly concerned with your looks... like you take a lot of time to get ready for Church on Sundays!" Um, weird things, not rude things, honey! And in my defense, it is the one day a week when you're home to give me that time to primp! Sheesh!

Okay - here's 5 more things I think are weird about me:

1. I talk to myself in the car. Practice conversations and such. Seriously. Most of us do that in our head. Not me!
2. I always go to the bathroom before I step on the scale. I swear that it gives me a more accurate weight to pee first.
3. I have no eyebrows. I am jealous of those of you who can pluck and wax. I'd love to have some hair there! But, it's my job to keep those eyebrow pencil manufacturers in business.
4. I am a total dork... deep down. I love to make faces and annoying sounds. It feels so good to really be nutty sometimes, but I only get to do it when my brothers (also dorks) are visiting. Otherwise, I am not comfortable acting that way.
5. I have an obsession with stationary and cards. I buy them whether or not I need them if I like them... I LOVE browsing the greeting cards section. Sometimes I even frame them!

Go on. Say it... "I knew there was something strange about her!" ;)

Okay, so now I have to go bug 6 other people to do this! I pick:
1. Gabriela
Maine Mom


Maine Mom said...

Is my computer going to explode if I don't do my meme in a certain time frame?...I need some time to think about this!
For the record, I don't think it's wierd to take time to look nice for church either. I think it's fair for you to tell your hubby something wierd that he does since he was willing to tell you :-)

Lei said...

Lol... no! Take a day or two if you need it!

Nettie said...

Mission accomplished. Thanks for my first tag! By the way, you can have half of my eyebrows. I have more than enough to share!

kfk said...

I have the same pre-scale weigh-in prep that you do. I also "reset" it a few times by pressing down on it and then deduct a couple pounds for the uneveness of the floor, the weight of my underwear, etc.
Thanks for answering the meme!

Zoe said...

I already knew that you were weird!! :) he he!

Pattie said...

Lei, Thanks for your words over at my place.
Love your list! I am a rambling person myself...I am always talking...outloud ...to myself. My kids often ask '
"Who are you talking to, Mom?"
Anyway, I'm with you on the card thing....LOVE THEM!
Oh, and I don't even OWN a scale. I'm afraid to go down that road. I suppose it's a practice of self denial...like I'd rather not know! :)

LammyAnn said...

Just came over for a visit... linked through the LDSwomen's blogroll.
Very nice!
Especially enjoyed your thoughts on women of the scriptures.

Tigersue said...

You know, My husband always says it is okay to talk to yourself as long as you don't lose an arguement! ;)

Tigersue said...

Oh, if you would like to be a contributor on my ... We Seek After These Things, blog let me know. Email me and I will get you set up. No pressure just with your comments about Hagar, I thought you would be a good addition there.

lazymama said...

You have to start over...those things are not weird.I do most of them as well. lol

Jane said...

Well...I would hate to see the list if I asked my dh! LOL

I like you just the way you are.

sheri said...

You're not near as weird as I thought you were. (kidding! lol) And I'm not ignoring you...I'll do my tag list soon! (there's GOT to be 6 weird things about me)

Gabriela said...

I'm totally with you on one and two. Our similarities end at #3 as have huge eyebrows (I keep the tweezer industry going)! We're still good if you replace "dork" for "nerd" in #4!

Thanks for tagging me! My first tag ever.

Linsey said...

I SO talk to myself... and thankfully not alone in that habit!!! LOL!! Fun to know "wierd" things about you!!!

Andrea said...

Nice to know your 'normal' Lei! We're all a little weird aren't we.

Rachelle said...

I love number 2 because I do that too. I love memes. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Gosh, if I pulled up next to you in my car it might look like the two of us are having a conversation. LOVE your list. Nettie tagged me.

ShelahBooksIt said...

so how did you lose your eyebrows? Were they never there or did you pluck them off?

Lei said...

Lol, Shelah... I just wasn't born with any! I mean, they're there, just very fine and light colored!

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing. It is nice to get to know people and you are not weird, but you are wonderful. Thanks. Have a great day.:)