30 January 2006

this woman's work

Drew has learned how to help us pick up toys. We start singing the infamous Barney song and he, in all his adorableness, knows exactly what to do.

Jonah is learning how to say prayers without any help. Tonight at Family Home Evening, for the first time, he got through from beginning to end all by himself.

Adriana is reading so well now that she's taken over bedtime story time! In Kindergarten (last year) she needed the assistance program, but this past grading period she scored the highest in her class on sight words.

My point is not to brag about my amazing kids, but to relish in these seemingly small, yet hugely validating moments that just make your heart soar. Making chores seem fun, enduring evaluation after evaluation and fighting to get your child into a speech therapy preschool program, cutting and pasting words all over your walls... it all comes back one hundred fold.

Whoever said motherhood is a thankless job? ;)


Rachelle said...

I love threads like this! I love to read what children are doing. Congrats to each of your children for their accomplishments!!!!

Linsey said...

I totally agree. It is the small things that show us just how well we are doing at our jobs.

ShelahBooksIt said...

Yay that they're doing all so well. And good for you for patting yourself (and them) on the backs for it. It's great to celebrate their achievements!

smartmama said...

you go lei-