28 January 2006

desperate housewife?

Today went well considering my 3 little piggies had to stay couped up in my bedroom all morning. I waited until my children were fast asleep last night to work my magic and decorate for this mornings' shower. I hung cute little hearted lanterns and scattered red balloons across the floor, placed heart cut-outs and black and white pictures of children in loving poses on the food table. It was a Valentine wonderland, I tell ya! Then all night long I had visions of said piggies sneaking downstairs before me and doing a little rearranging! I imagined an episode with Lynette's boys in my home... carefully placing smears of jam behind frames and living things under pillows. After making sure all evidence of my children had been painstakingly disposed of (read: hide all playthings and clean all surfaces), I was having none of that. So I woke my dear husband at 1 am after I had completed my mission and gave him explicit instructions to head off the little oinkers the minute they peeped this morning... Everyone complied and hey, my fellow desperate housewives and I only heard a *few* blood curdling screams above our cheery party chatter.

1 Large picnic blanket on my bedroom floor+a dozen Krispy Kreme dohnuts+2 hours tv time=one great girls morning out.


emlouisa said...

Sounds like it went well, lei!!!

Rachelle said...

Glad it went well!