25 January 2006

getting warmed up

So here it begins... I have been contemplating this for weeks. Blogging, that is. I once believed strongly in journalling for its therapeutic benefits and for its influence in the lives of those who might choose to read it. But I haven't consistently written my thoughts on paper in years. Since everything else seems to be gravitating towards the more convenient way of computers, I thought I'd see how this goes. Or where it goes, for that matter.

Life has its ups and downs, twists and turns. I figure if I have survived, I must be strong, so I am happy even with the challenges that hit me fairly regularly. These days I seem to be seriously focused on my relationship with my father, my unborn baby, and maintaining balance in my life. When I get overwhelmed I like the diversion of a good project... maybe purging a closet or making something for my home or planning/hosting an event. What really gets me through, though, is that I believe in all that I am doing with my life. And so I want to keep a record of it.

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