01 March 2011

Announcing: a photography series at a famous blog near you!

Leilani Rogers, Photographer

I am so excited to announce that one of my favorite blogs and long time internet friends, Kierste from Brown Paper Packages, has asked me to start a monthly photography series at her blog!  The first post will be up tomorrow... and I really hope all of you {ALL of you} will participate in our discussions!  Photography has not only been a great skill to have as a mom and in recent years as a professional, but as a blogger as well.  And I am thrilled at the chance to pass along some of my knowledge to other creative bloggers.  We'll talk about everything from lighting and composition, to how to get great candid shots, to getting out of that darn auto mode "rut", to how to take polished looking pictures of the stuff you make for your blogs!  There will be questions and {hopefully} answers, lots of advice, opportunities to show your stuff, and basically just a wonderful opportunity to learn and enjoy photography together!  So grab a button, come on over and join in the fun!  First Wed. of every month. See you there!


Jamie Lynn said...

Hi!:Thank you so much for the lighting advice! I am going to grab a button and join your blog! Please stop by my blog and say hello! Have a wonderful day!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...


deeder6 said...

My blog isn't much. It's pretty much just for family history because I've given up on scrap booking! As far as photography goes... I play around, and love it, but I'm really not very good. Maybe someday! I'll be reading your tutorials avidly so hopefully I'll learn a few things!

Sarah Marie Kathleen said...

Ooh Im excited. I'm getting a new camera for my birthday and could really use some tips.