16 March 2011

The Pom Pom Frame

So I had quite the scare this week.  I dropped Brigitta (that's my camera).  Serious panic set in as I inspected her from top to bottom, bottom to top, side to side.  She was ok.  Phew.  But when I got home and tried to eject the battery for charging, it wouldn't come out.  Ack!!!  There's a teensy little crack on the edge of my camera right where the battery door opens.  So the fit is rather snug, but I was finally able to get the battery out and I think I've come up with a solution for easing her out more smoothly until I can get the camera fixed (if it's even fix-able).  Anyway, threw a bit of a wrench in my blogging plans for the week (my client shoots took precedence)... hence my time away from here.  Although, it also happens to be Spring Break, and I have been enjoying laying around doing nothing.

Haha!  Like that ever happens. ;)

Anyhow, I finally figured out what to do with the fun pom pom frame I posted several days ago.  Thank you all for your input!  The green center won!

I made a twinner for it using just the opposite colors... green background, pink center!  It looks so cute in Sasha's room.  Wanna see???

I found a darling celery green quatrafoil pattern to compliment the damask pattern in the pink one.  I think I need to move the wire piece above the one on the right to above the window... not entirely sure yet what I'm gonna do with it now that I've got something hanging on either side of that window (used to just be something on the right).  My home is very organic, constantly changing, so I'm in no rush!

Ok - so a quick rundown on what I did to make these... really so simple I feel patronizing giving a detailed tutorial to all you fabulous creative mamas!  But here goes.

My materials:

2 16x20 frames
14 sheets of white tissue paper per frame (28 all together)
1 sheet of pink tissue paper
1 sheet of green tissue paper
a 20x24 remnant of pink damask pattern: Brother Sister Studio
a 20x24 remnant of green quatrafoil pattern: Brother Sister Studio
hot glue

First of all, I followed the Martha Stewart tutorial for the flowers HERE.  Only I pulled away the tissue all to one side.  Does that make sense?  So my flowers would be flat on one side and not completely round.  I also added up a wadded up sheet of tissue paper to the center.  Yep, that's all I did.  Ok I didn't roll into a tiny ball like I would trash, but I creatively wadded it.  Lol.  Kinda ruffly looking. ;)

I stretched my fabric over the backing in the frame and hot glued the edges to the back of it.  Slipped the now covered backing into the GLASSLESS frame.  Secured the prongs that I hate so much but were perfect for this project.  And hot glued my flower to the center of each frame.  Once in the center and in 4 spots around the flowers where you couldn't tell I had done so.  The flowers needed some reshaping and I even reached in and stapled the edges together in a couple spots to keep them round and fluffy.


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Christina said...

totally going to try this when we get into a new house! LOVE it!!!! You are so creative!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

So pretty!! I love those Lei!

I shared it on my TT&J FB page :)


Courtney - Pizzazzerie.com said...

So delicate and pretty! Love it!

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Love them! They turned out so cute!

Jami said...

I love how feminine and sweet these are!

Amber said...

Hopping over from Tator Tots & Jello on FB. I love these! So pretty!

I hope your camera is okay! I have a Nikon D5000 and my 1 year has gotten ahold of it twice and dropped it from about 18 inches off the ground! I haven't noticed any problems with images, so hopefully I am okay. :/

Jenn said...

So beautiful!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Sharon said...

Oh I love them even more in the room. I love that they are HUGE! The room is ADORABLE!! XO

Sharon said...

I think I'll link up on f/b. My friends and fam. will LOVE this idea!

asp said...

Love it! very cute!