10 December 2009

Wrapping Ideas

The Girl Creative

I'm linking  up with The Creative Girl today for fabulous Christmas wrapping ideas.

I LOVE to wrap gifts.  And I was taught how by the best.  My mother-in-law is an Interior Designer/Decorator Extraordinaire and I have learned so much from her (and I'm not just talking wrapping paper).

She finds beauty in the simplest things and makes simple things beautiful.  I remember the first time I saw one of her wrapped gifts.  I was in awe.  In fact, I owe her credit for the one gift I have wrapped in my house at the moment (lol).  I have saved this box for YEARS now... since before my husband and I were actually married.  She gave me some Victoria Secret lotion - Pear Glace - for my birthday one year.  (Remember when that scent was all. the. rage?)  She put it inside this gorgeous box, which I have preserved and set out among my Christmas decorations every single year.

Now let's see if I remember correctly how she did this.  She started with a plain paper mache box.  She spray painted it gold and then wiped silver paint over the top with a rag... while the gold was still a little wet, giving it a swirly/marbled effect.  Paper Mache soaks up paint pretty fast so it may have required more than one coat of gold...

She always uses the most gorgeous ribbon, too.  I love ribbon myself.  This ribbon (which is the original) is perfect for this box.  I tucked in some fresh evergreen under the ribbon and tied an ornament on top (cheap at Target).

I love to use dried flowers and berries and the like on top of gifts.  Even fresh flowers are fun... save those little tubes the florist gives you for the ends of your flowers and a fresh flower on your gift won't wilt before the end of the party.  Spray paint magnolia leaves in metallic shades and tie on with ribbon.  Copper is my favorite.

I love to tie little things onto the tops of my gifts, too.  Homemade tags are so fun, especailly this time of year.  You can cut pics out of the thousands of catalogs that are arriving in your mailbox, or use scrapbook paper and make your own.

I also got the idea to use buttons strung on wire, and rocks hot glued to ribbon from my mother-in-law.  See what I mean?  Fount of creativity, that one.

Have fun with your presents this year.  And if you want a fun read on wrapping gifts, check out this book by Rachel Ashwell - The Gift of Giving.

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Holly said...

Stopping by from the Blog Fest. Beautiful idea. I have a lot of these boxes and hoping to do something like this with them.

Holly @ 504 Main

Sandra said...

I definitely need to step up my gift decorating...most gifts are lucky to be wrapped in plain paper or put in a sack with tissue paper!

Katie said...

That is lovely and I am glad you've kept your mom's beautiful work for so many years. What a special box to have out each year. And yes I do remember that scent. When you mentioned it, I could "smell" it right away. I never wore it but my best friend in high school and college did.
That was when we thought it was cool and sophisticated to have a signature scent.

Amber said...

I am a gift-wrapping failure. But seeing those darling creations inspire me to do better!