28 December 2009

She's been shopping for months.  She's been planning special family outings.  She's been volunteering to help with her kids' class parties.  She's thoughtfully decked the halls of her home.  She's baked enough to feed a small army.  She's enjoyed quiet evenings by the fire with candles burning and the uplifting sounds of Christmas music wafting through the air.  She's noticed the magic that catches under the wings of all those around her, and finds it rejuvenating, refreshing, comforting... one purpose that binds us, everyone.  But now, 3 days post Christmas it has all come to a screeching halt.  Everyone has forgotten Christmas cheer.  The radio station is back to playing easy listening muzac.  The stores are filling up with Valentine's candy.  The neighbors are taking down their lights and dumping their Christmas trees out by the curb.

She pauses in front of the nativity scene on display in her home.  She thinks of ways to carry on the spirit of Christmas throughout the year, because this kind of joy can be found outside of gifts and lights and frosted sugar cookies.  It should resonate in our hearts every day of the year.  We can make more time to gather around and read from Luke.  We can gather more often at the dinner table and enjoy a bounteous meal.  Our homes can always be a made to feel warm and inviting.  And there certainly needs to be no reason for giving to others.

As she contemplates where to begin, which ornaments or Christmas tree to pack up first, her heart feels lighter now.  She thinks of the New Year and the possibilities it holds for more dedicated family time, service to others, and meditation on her many blessings...


Lara said...

This was beautiful.

I've been having really similar thoughts and I hope that I am able to follow through.

Shooter said...

Well put. Made me think about keeping a Nativity up year round. I guess I could take Baby Jesus out. One thing I read on a blog was to read a couple of verses from the Bible at the end of every meal.