28 August 2009

The girl with the yellow shoes

I buy most of my clothing from the same stores again and again, but when it comes to shoes I will take them any way I can get them. Some might call me a shoe whore. I won't deny it.

Recently I bought a pair of bright yellow pumps. It was a bold move even for me! But I love the color yellow. Yellow however does not love me. It just doesn't go well with my coloring. So when it comes to wearing yellow, shoes or handbags or jewelry it is. And the fun stops there.

I looked and looked for the perfect yellow shoes for quite some time. Months, probably. In fact, I was afraid that the color was going to go out of style before I actually found a pair I liked. So a sense of urgency was beginning to set in, the kind that only happens to a shoe whore, which led to my buying a pair off Amazon.com.

Did you know that Amazon sold shoes?

When the shoes arrived I tried them on. The heels were a lot higher than I thought they would be. And I am 6 ft. tall. Hasn't stopped me from wearing heels before, but I usually draw the line at stillettos. So here are these BRIGHT, super HIGH heel yellow pumps that I have wanted for so long and I am not even sure I can bring myself to wear them in public.

I've always admired fashion forward women. They aren't afraid to try new things with their hair, or wear bold accessories. You know the type. And as bold and outside of the box as I am I think I am a pretty conservative dresser. Maybe I am wrong (I'm curious what those of you who actually know me think!), but I was going to have to find a way to show off those shoes!

They sat in the box for 2 weeks. Sasha pulled them out several times, admiring them, urging me to wear them. To the post office. "To the store, Mommy!" Wouldn't that be a sight. I really don't know what exactly I was waiting for, though. A vision?

I didn't have any intention of returning them. So I took the next most obvious step and brought them with me into none other than Charming Charlie's. If you've never been to CC or even heard of it, it's a fabulous place to find inspiration for all your fashion needs. Whenever I walk in the door I am immediately transported into what I call "Rebecca Bloomwood's world" ("Confessions of a Shopaholic" anyone?), and I am mesmerized (and consequently, close to being banned by my husband from ever going in there again).

CC is color coded, so there is a whole section of fabulous yellow there. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, watches, shoes, scarves, bows. It all made my simple yellow pumps look pretty tame. Huh, I thought. these shoes are nothin'! And I picked out a yellow headband and bracelet and made my merry way to the cashier.

"Let's see those shoes," the woman at the checkout counter said to me as I paid for my loot. "Wow, those are bright."

And that was all she said.

The other check out girl glanced at me, presumably to measure my reaction. Surprisingly, it didn't affect me at all. I was finally ready to wear those shoes! And I walked out with my head held high.

I awoke the next Sunday morning feeling mighty sassy. I put on my black dress with the little white polka dots. Along with the yellow bracelet, yellow headband, and of course, those bright yellow pumps. The piece de resistance. And left the house that morning with a little extra pep in my step.


emlouisa said...

Picture of you in the yellow shoes please!!!

Thanks for the fun post. Made me smile. :)

Love ya girl!

Kerstin and Scott said...

I wholeheartedly approve. Thanks for our super cute package. A was thrilled to death.

Erin said...

Yes, i want to see a pic of these yellow shoes!

Lara said...

Seriously. Go you! I love heels, and I'm not quite as tall as you, but I'm still tall. And sometimes I really tower over some of the men in my ward, but it makes me happy to wear the shoes!

Now we need pictures...

Allysha said...

Yes! Pictures, please!

Yellow shoes sound fabulous.

Yvonne said...

Hooray for you--way to go.

I want a picture, too.

Lee said...

Tall pumps are hot. That's all there is to it. I am known to wear 3-4 inch heels often, we are the same height. Own it. And I am sure you look dang hot. And I am surprised you are a conservative dresser lol. I want pictures!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I have a good friend who told me once that every woman needs a pair of red shoes...I've been surprised at how many things red can actually go with, and they always make me feel happy and young. But this post made me think that I really, really, really NEED a pair of yellow shoes now. (Almost as badly as Rebecca Bloomwood NEEDED that green scarf!)

And just like everyone else, I want a picture of the shoes!!!

Tannie said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

Amber said...

Wait. I had noooooo idea you are that tall. I LOVE and admire tall women who wear high heels. Add in the yellow shoes? You DEFINITELY have sass!

tjhirst said...

Lucky you for being so brave. I have a hard time now that I'm older, but I'd die to have the courage to put on the green shoes I adored when I was a teenager. Bright Green loafer flats! I only have brown and black right now. So sad.