10 August 2009

80s revisited

I know everything comes back at some point. Some of it has surprised me, though! And when my 10 year old daughter found "the perfect pair of splatter paint jean shorts" to go with a "rockin' pair of black converse" I just about pinched myself to be sure I was in fact, still in the year 2009.

She's lucky to have a mom who has firsthand experience with these fashions. It took my mother a while to accept that a big, pink fluorescent bow in my hair was cute, or that wearing my leg warmers over my jeans in May wasn't so idiotic.

To save money we decided to splatter paint our own jeans. I bought these capris second hand and we're going to cut them and roll them up into shorts (we're getting deeper and deeper into the past, it's like therapy - lol).

I just used fabric paint. It was difficult to get it to splatter though. At first I tried a toothbrush, which didn't make nearly enough splatter. I moved up to a small paintbrush (like for cutting in, which just left globs. When I ran out of options I tried dragging a straight pin through the globs of paint to create my own splattered effect. And it worked. In hindsight had I more paint, and a larger area to flick it without inhibition, I might have achieved the look more naturally.



As for the converse, my daughter requested that we doodle on them, and I immediately though of my rhinestoned, puff-painted Keds from days of yore. This is what we came up with.


And now I feel that peace, love and rock n' roll must never go out of style! Cuz this is fun!!!


Char said...

Weird, right?

3 of my 4 have Chucks. And the other one won't wear shoes. I'm not letting them see your doodle-ing on account of not being half as talented at that kind of thing as you are.

Amber said...

Good gracious! There are some trends that should never come back into style, acid wash being among them!

One Fish said...

This cracks me up.

Shell said...

this reminds me of cyndi lauper, punk rock, crimped hair, love it!

Yvonne said...

Too fun. Great job. You are so creative.