29 July 2009

Fancy up your fridge

Growing up my mother had our fridge PLASTERED, and I mean PLASTERED with magnets. Free ones, ones she collected, it didn't seem to matter. I always thought that fridge was ugly. Or maybe I just hated having to take them all down to clean the fridge (which was often my job). At any rate I vowed that when I grew up, I wouldn't have a fridge cluttered with tacky magnets.

Fast forward to today. I've got 4 kiddos who are constantly creating works of art for me. I've got wedding invitations with beautiful engagment photos that I hate to throw away. I've got the random note, or reminder that I want to be visible.
The other day I had an urge to make something, but had nothing really to make. Then the fridge caught my eye and so did a stack of cardboard from a recent photo print delivery, as well as a couple photos sitting on my bar waiting for a home. And a simple idea was born. I got out the good old mod podge and scrapbook paper and made these interchangeable frames for my fridge. (Sorry I know the pic is horrible quality, but I am having a lazy day!) The photos are attached with Zots, so they can be exchanged easily. The clip magnets can be found just about anywhere - these were found at the grocery store. They can also be made larger for your kids' art work.
Talk about a fun and EASY project. And one I can be proud to hang on my fridge! ;)


Code Yellow Mom said...

Super cute! Fridges really do attract all kinds of important parts of our life, don't they? What a clever way to display some of it!

I was just at a museum the other day that had an exhibit about household appliances and there was a vintage poster advertising a refrigerator (I think circa 1955 or so?) that you could reface with "just 1 3/4 yards of fabric and about seven minutes of time." Basically, you could recover the front of your fridge to match your eat-in dining chairs or curtains or whatever. It made me smile. How's that for a craft project?

Shell said...

great idea! with school coming up, we'll have to make something work soon for our fridge

bluestocking mama said...

great idea!

Heather Jim said...


her middle name is "Mae".

P.S. I love this idea and once we move to the new house I just may copy it!

Amber said...

I love it! My fridge sucks. Why? It's stainless steel so the only way to hang things is with tape. No cute magnets for me. :-(