01 July 2009

tulle and mod podge and buttons, oh my!

Sasha is turning 3! And loves all the typical little girly things - dressing up, dancing, pretending. I made this tutu and jewelry box for her birthday. The tutu was easy - I followed Linsey's tutorial.


And the jewelry box was just my own creation. Gotta love mod podge!


As long as I was in the creative mood, I made a frame I'd been putting off for a while, and dressed up an old, cheap target lamp that's been in the girls' room for years.




Lara said...

Wow girl! You've been busy.

And it's all so pretty, too! (Not that I'm surprised. Jealous maybe, but not surprised.)

Char said...

Very cute!

sweetpea said...

I'm glad you decided to make a jewelry box--turned out cute!

Amber said...

Wow, what sweet presents for a sweet girl!

Yvonne said...

All of it is so cute.

Char said...

P.S. You totally motivated me to try some Mod Podge-ing again. Turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!

Katie said...

I LOVE your creativity!! You could definitely do well owning a shop or on line store.