01 March 2009

Just Can't Get Enough

... of this little girl.

She has me wrapped around her little finger.

Can you see why?

And THIS one.

Never a dull moment.

Time, please slow down.


Lee said...

So cute!! And I agree time needs to slow down. It is going much too quickly.

Char said...

Is that a Sonic drink in her hand?


Lei said...

That's Drew in the last picture Char. LOL! They look alike. And yes he's drinking a Sonic slush... not from yesterday though! LOL. I took this pic last week. I don't break the sabbath! Geesh!


sweetpea said...

they are adorable lei. and i agree--time really does go by way too fast.

Yvonne said...

Such cuties. Yes, it would be great if we could make time stand still or slow down. (I'd take either)

Christy said...

They are adorable!

Sometimes I just ache when I hold my little ones because I feel time moving too quickly. :(