02 March 2008

Meet Isaac

9 days old and simply adorable.






I'd love cc if you have any!

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Melzie said...

I just love baby feet. Great pic's!! Who is the baby? Or is he in a post below I've forgotten about...

Will you do MLM? Saw you post on it, if so, I do that also, well, back before I deleted everything, LOL!!! :)

Lei said...

Hey Mel! The babe belongs to my friend. He was so cute when I was tkaing pcitures of his feet - lifitng them up for me. Really, a very alert newborn!

I'll be thinking on MLM, maybe for tomorrow.

Misty said...

Beautiful work.

Misty said...

I love your sepia conversions. What do you use for that? I love the closeups of the hands and feet. The baby in the basket seems awfully dark, imo. And did you do something to the color in the last one? I love the emotion of it, but it seems like maybe there's too much red and yellow in it.

Lei said...

Misty - I use Picture Project for sepia and for sharpening. Works great. I used the PS Elements actions on everything else.

They all look darker to me on my blog for some reason than they do in my files. Huh. But I'm going to go back at check that photo out again. He is jaundice, so I agree his skin is a bit yellowish. Maybe I made it too bright, too? But I didn't mess with the colors.

Ismy composition better though, or am I still too tight? I just love the intimacy of close-ups!

SweetPea said...

My goodness this makes me baby hungry! He is beautiful. Great job Lei!!

Lara said...

I think you've done a great job here Lei!

Regarding the color on that last one, it does look a bit funky so maybe it would be best to just convert it to B&W. I find that new babies are really difficult to work with because their skin tones can be so odd...because of either jaundice or mottling. You could try removing the color cast in PSE 5...just go up to enhance>adjust color>remove color cast. It might help.

I think your compositions are really quite good...maybe a little tight on some of them. Remember that if they are framed it takes off even more. The way you cropped the first one is a little odd. I would either have pulled back so you can get all of his feet in the shot, or else come in closer and cut it off at his waist. Seems like you've blown out a couple spots in that one too.

I absolutely love the hands and feet shots. The feet especially...just perfect.

I like the basket shot, but make sure you position it so that the head/face is getting the most light instead of the legs and feet. Otherwise, great shot.

I actually love the tight crop of the last one. It's perfect.

Great work!

Lee said...

Lei, you are constantly improving. I love seeing your new work. The last did you use the color pop? It tends to not be the best action.. makes them funky colors. Sweet baby.

utmommy said...

Great pictures!

Babies are so precious! I love how you captured those precious moments.

Lei said...

Lara - what do you mean by "blown out a couple spots"? I will try your suggestion to remove the color cast. And I didn't realize that I need to give myself a little more than what I frame in my lens.

Lee - the only action I did apply to that shot was Brighten.

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the help. It seems that I've developped my eye a little better, now I just need to improve my conversion skills. I'm still learning all the actions. Anyone want to tell me the best application for the pastelaction?

Lara said...

Blown out just means that a couple spots are overexposed. Hot spots. His nose especially in that shot seems blown to me, but it could just be my monitor.

Are the actions you're using in PSE ones that are part of the program, or some that you've purchased elsewhere? I actually bought a couple sets that I really like, and don't use any actions that come with the program. I'm not really sure what the pastel action is, so I am no help with that question.

I hope you're okay with the cc, really. Giving it to others helps me to improve myself, because I don't have quite the emotional connection to the photos that I do to my own. That emotion makes it really hard for me to see where I could improve. Anyway, I usually keep my opinions to myself, but if people ask for it I'm happy to share my observations because I'd want the same. You've done some excellent work here and you really do have a great eye. In fact, I'd love it if you gave me some cc on the stuff I've done. I really would.

Lei said...

Lara - no they didn't come with the program. The Picture Project I used on the sepia came with my Nikon, though.

What are your favorite actions?

And I really do appreciate the cc. I realized last night (duh) that I am having to use my tv as a monitor for proofing right now and that is probably why I'm getting differentiation in what I see during the process and what I see in the end product (on my laptop). Ugh. I can't change that though until we move (we have no desktop at the moment, ue to thining down while house showing).

I've never given cc before. Don't feel worthy yet. LOL!

Lara said...

I will put together the links of my favorite actions for you. I'll get back to you in a couple days. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I wish you lived closer to I could utilize your exceptional talent!

Yvonne said...

Those are beautiful. You do such great work.