10 November 2007

So here's the thing...

My life is chaos right now... organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. Between selling our house, building a new one, and some family issues that really need my attention, I've been strapped for time and void of blogging fodder. I apologize for the memes I've dodged, the awards I've not passed on and the project I backed out of (sorry Karen). I am thankful that I am still thought of because I know this break will not be permanent. I may even post here and there. But the next few months will be tough... so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers if you have them to spare. :) In the meantime I hope you'll all still keep in touch. You can email me anytime!

Our "last" Woman to Woman (until further notice) will take place this Tuesday, November 11. The topic is infertility but I would also like to invite any bloggers who've dealt with recurrent loss to join us as well. And if you want to participate and do not have your own experiences to share, but have lended support to others who've struggled with this, we'd love to hear from you, too.

I'm sad that Woman to Woman has to be put on hold. When I began blogging I quickly discovered how much I love to write about womanhood and all it entails - from serious issues to those of a more lighthearted nature. Woman to Woman has allowed me to see how others embrace their womanhood. I've learned so much from this project (
as has Morning Glory) and I mean it when I say that it will return! As long as none of you go anywhere, I'll keep you posted as to when. :)

See you Tuesday!


Karen said...

Lei...never fear! Organized chaos happens to all of us at various times and in many different ways. I loved the Woman to Woman writing opportunities - I was usually too late to do most of them tho.

As far as projects go, you have a permanent invitation from me... just concentrate on your family and all that entails. Life will settle down once again. hugs...karen

Morning Glory said...

I think we're both doing the right thing in taking some breathing space.

Take care of yourself.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I will be praying for you and your family! You were one of the first blogs I fell in love with back in the day when I discovered blogging.

Take care!

By the way, I still have the meme you tagged me for to do ... I know it was ages ago, but I haven't forgotten!

Terina said...

whatever you need to take care of is obviously more important than blogging. breaks are always good! take care of everything and then come back and tell us all about it. you'll get through it!

utmommy said...

Hope all goes well with you. Breaks are always a good thing.

Take Care.

Tigersue said...

DRL, must always be more important that what goes on in blog land. Take it easy, and relax from time to time. Thanks for being a friend.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I too have a million and one projects going on......After two years blogging has lost a lost of its luster for me.

Good luck to you guys!