31 May 2007

Random Book Review

Thursday is our library/reading day. Our library is fairly small. (Small enough that I've memorized where most children's titles are located; they've been in the same spot on the same shelves for 7 years). Most of our library days occur in the summer. I may wander in during the school year, but not with my kids. So today, when I came across some fun new books for them, (and by new I mean not your standard Eric Carle, Margaret Wise Bown or Sandra Boynton) I squeeled for joy. It appears that their collection has expanded considerably since last summer. So, I thought I'd share a couple of my finds with you and inspire you to curl up with your kiddos for some sure-to-delight summer reading.

This first book will tickle any artist's fancy. It's called The Dot, and was written by Peter H. Reynolds. I loved it's empowering message for self doubting children. My daughter never drew typical houses and flowers and trees, or liked coloring books with boundaries, so I could really appreciate this sweet story of a girl who learns to embrace her simple talent:
In fact, I am now really excited to try this book (also by Peter Reynold's):

Not A Box, by Antoinette Portis is a full of ideas for imaginative play. A really cute story about a bunny who thinks outside the box. And its presentation is really fun (a brown cardboard-ish cover). My 5 year old asked if it was a recycled book! Lol!

Have any good, fresh suggestions? Feel free to leave them in your comments. :) As for the Mommy and Me CDs, a lot of those songs are being downloaded off the internet, and are therefore illegal to copy and "sell". I will see how many of them can be downloaded to Best Audio Codes or some other web host and play the mix on my blog for all to enjoy!


Belladonna said...

When I was growing up the small town in Arizona where I lived had a miniscule library where I would hang out every chance I got. My goal at age seven was to read every book in the world. (I thought that library had a copy of EVERY book.) I would start at one corner and just keep reading till I got through 'em all. The first time my grandmother took me to a big city library I burst into tears, absolutely horrified to see so many stacks. Grandma was baffled. She knew I loved books and couldn't figure out why I would be upset to learn there were so many more to sample. When I tried to explain to her my dream of reading them all, and the grim realization I was wrestling with that there would NEVER be any way I could read THAT many books she wisely said: "Oh, that's ok. Half of them are junk anyway. The important thing is to learn to pick the good ones, enjoy them, and not worry about the rest."

Another way of saying " Seek ye out of the best books...."

Been working on it ever since!

Thanks for the tips on the ones you've found. I have some little people in my life I may want to share them with.

Tracey said...

Evan loves "It's not easy being 5" (I think that's the title) by Jamie Curtis and artist. They LOVE it. I'm thinking of looking for the other books in her series.

utmommy said...

I love a good book! I may have to check and see if my library has these too!

It's just me... said...

The boys are really addicted to 'Wild About Books' and 'Boom Chicka Rock'. I've been reading them the Wizard of Oz which is a little too old for them, but still fun - and it puts them to sleep :)

For music I highly recommend the Wiggle Worms. We got it from the library and it was so popular with my boys and the kids that visited our house that we had to buy it!

Thanks for the suggestions...

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Oh gosh, my kids love the 'Walter The Farting Dog' series. There's also one called 'The Seven Silly Eaters" and "Sixteen Cows," that we read over and over again. I think it's mainly because they're super cute and they rhyme. We're simple folk that like rhyming words. Is that wrong?

Our oldest started The Chronicles Of Narnia at 8, and like everyone else, fell in love.