14 August 2006

Moral of the Day Monday

I really like to uplift and inspire my readers. That's kind of the voice I've chosen for this blog. It's fun every now and then to share a funny anecdote or show off some stuff, but my main purpose for blogging is to share my outlook on life with others. So, I've came up with the idea for Moral of the Day Monday. WAY better than Wild Card Wednesday! (shameless plug, lol ;)) I hope it's a success and that you'll drag your manic selves over here each Monday and find something beneficial and empowering.

The other day I was out doing some shopping and I had a moment where I was, for lack of a cheesier cliche, filled with love - for life and for everyone around me, friend or foe. What brought this on, I can't say exactly, but these moments happen from time to time, unexplained sensations that pass through me during no particular task or time of day that make me want to sing out loud. It's just a feeling of complete happiness. A feeling you want to share with everybody around you. A feeling I usually respond to with a smile. I love to smile! I love to be smiled at! And I have a hard time with the assumption that a smile is a sign of weakness or vulnerability. A smile doesn't have to mean "you can walk all over me", although sadly it can be taken as such.

I remember one of the popular girls in my middle school coming up to me once and asking me why I was always smiling. And she told me that it was pretty annoying. I probably should have asked her why she was always pouting... I imagine there are a lot of unhappy people that find happy people annoying! A genuine smile is an immediate sign of acceptance. It says, "Hey! I will not reject you or judge you, you are safe with me!" And I think that in today's world, we need a little more of that reassurance. It felt so good that day in the store to walk up and down the aisles smiling at everyone, and getting some smiles in return. I felt connected with everyone. I could feel that we all came from the same place. Maybe it was one of those moments where the veil is thin; I don't know. But I'm thinking there's got to be a special reason why we have this reflex. And I call it a reflex because it's a natural response, whether you can see or can't see, whether you're a newborn baby or a wise old soul, whether you're poor or wealthy, whether you speak my language or you don't, whether or not you look like me. It's not something you teach or copy or have to learn how to do. It just happens when stimulated by goodness.

And that's the moral of the day.


sheri said...


Maine Mom said...

I love being around happy people! Here's a smile for you :-)

utmommy said...

What a great outlook on life. I try to smile as often as possible.

By the way, I finally got you on my sidebar!!

smartmama said...

sounds great- sorry i've been scarce- blame extreme busyness and my parents dial up-

Vlyb said...

I love feel good days, where you don't even hate your enemies on those days. You just seem lighter don't you?

amerimeximadre said...

smiles are contagious! good for you!