02 August 2006

Can I get a woohoo?

I've posted 100 entries! Yeah!!! And, AND, Blogger is letting me post pictures! WOO HOO!

Okay, so my recent project has been baby announcements and I wanted to share... there are two kinds of paper because I couldn't find enough of just one print. It was fun to mix it up anyway!

That second picture won't rotate for some silly reason. And the coordinating paper inside of the second version is the darker pink you see with lighter pink polka dots. (Not shown because I'm not going to display all the personal info included.)

Too bad it's not Tip Tuesday, because I think I have one to put an end to sibling squabbles. First thing this morning I had a serious talk with my children. I told them "Mommy has a goal today, and that goal is not to yell. I want you two to make a goal as well... I want you not to yell or fight or hurt one another. Do you think we can work together to accomplish that?" Then I read my scriptures and told them that we cannot be happy when we are not good (Mosiah 2:41). Result: Today has been SUCH a good day. We've had lots of reminders, but what a difference I see! I don't know if summer boredom had set in, or if the anxiety of school beginning in 2 weeks was getting to them, but our days were getting pretty crazy with whining and bickering (that includes me, lol). No matter how much fun I planned or structure I implemented, we were all loose cannons. I like the feeling that we are all going to sprint through the next 2 weeks together with a good "goal" in mind. I'm thinking of getting all cutesy and making a chart. Thinking. ;)

I got tagged by The Mother Load to do a "baby meme" for Sasha.

3 things that scare me:

~the occasional bonk on the head or shriek from excited siblings
~Daddy's sudden and very loud sneezes
~when I'm not laid down ever so carefully (I have a strong startle reflex)

3 people that make me laugh:

~so far, Mommy is the only lucky one who gets smiles (bright and early in the morn)

3 things I love:

~being held
~being fed
~being sung to

3 things I hate:

~my swing
~being naked
~getting my diaper changed

3 things I don't understand:

~baths: sure I get lots of love when all is said and done, but what's with all the head sniffing?
~being set down: all is well, I am very comfy on my Mommy's chest, and then she goes and just PLOPS me down to tend to some other child's needs, or for Pete's sake, to go to the bathroom!
~changing clothes: what's the big deal? I get it, baby girl clothes are cute, but I'd rather stay warm in what I've got on than be undressed and redressed.

3 things on my floor:

~a playmat
~floor pillows for reading and cuddling
~a lavendar rug from the Land of Nod that Mommy just loves :)

3 things I'm doing right now:

~staring at my hands
~making facial expressions
~learning how to get what I want :)

3 ways to describe my personality:

~easy to please

3 things you should listen to:

~Mommy serenade me on her violin and viola
~lots of lullabies
~lots of stories

3 things you should never listen to:

~the banging and clamoring that my siblings call playing
~Daddy's CDs
~"Just a minute, Sasha" when Mommy can't get to me RIGHT AWAY

3 things I want to do before I die (in other words three things my mom wishes for me):

~feel the love that is all around me
~learn discipline
~give generously

3 absolute fave foods:

~Mama's milk
~Mama's milk
~Mama's milk!

3 things I'd like to learn:

~how to talk, man do I have a lot to say!
~how to turn down the volume around me :)
~how to grasp those dangly things in my bouncy seat

3 shows I watch:

We're not there yet!

3 babies I tag:

~London @ Mayhem in Mexico
~Mini Man @ Here Today... Probably Tomorrow Too
~Camden @ Teacher, Mom, Mad Woman


emlouisa said...

Cute cute cute announcements! And you get a woohoo on the great parenting from me! Hooray!

The baby meme? Adorable!!! Stay tuned and I will do it on mine.

Morning Glory said...

A WooHoo from me too. Those announcements are adorable, and the goal setting was pretty clever of you!

Cute, cute meme!!

amerimeximadre said...

love the announcements! I need to set that goal with my kids as well! A meme will be coming soon!

modernmama said...

Love the announcements!

Char said...

Great announcements!

Nice work on the parenting, too.

ABC Momma said...

WooHoo! Happy 100. I loved smelling my babies after baths--still do, even though they aren't so babyish anymore.

sheri said...

Those announcements are SO cute!!! (although the picture inside of them is even cuter) And you're such a great mom. Really. Great job being able to actually step back a second and teach them something really positive. That's usually about the point I lose it and want to crawl into a hole.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Those are really darling announcements! You did great - and she is so pretty. What a sweet little thing!

Loved the meme - that'll be fun to read someday when she's 5. :)

Valarie said...

woo-hoo! Great work on the announcements. I love that color scheme.

Nicole said...

You totally impress me! Those announcements are beautiful and I love how you set goals with your kids, I am going to have to remember that one.

jessica said...

So funny. My husband and I just made the same goal last night (not to yell) - maybe it's just that time of year. Good job on the announcements! How very on the ball you are. Inspirational, I tell ya!

Sketchy said...

Lovely announcements! So cute!

Cmommy said...

She is absolutely beautiful~~~:-)C

JD said...

adorable Great goal!!I need that one too!!

txmommy said...

Woo Hoo!!

And I love the announcement too, very cute!

Sunny said...

So adorable! I love the baby meme, so fun! So wise with your goal setting!!!

Gabriela said...

Love your announcemnts. Thanks for the idea on cutting down on the fighting. I'll try that.

Nettie said...

Good job Mom! On the sibling bickering battle, the 100th post, and the adorable baby announcements! And what a fun meme for Sasha to read someday!

Zoe said...

Lei, she is so beautiful!! I didn't realize that you had updated your blog. My link to you wasn't refreshing and so it kept showing an old post. Finally I figured it out and was bummed that I had missed so much! She is really precious!! She has grown too! Owen is gaining weight as well, why can't they stay small forever. I think I could handle having a newborn . . . for a while!! I am adjusting to the lack of sleep! How about you!? Well, talk to you later. Love ya, Zoe

The Mother Load said...

I know aren't girl clothes the cutest.
Hey, I have to post it soon, but I made a brag book for the grandmas in the family out of a children's board book and scrapbook supplies. I know how crafty you are, you are sure to love it.