03 June 2006

and another meme

Handiemom tagged me to do this meme! I may have done it once already, but I can't remember. I think I was also tagged to do another meme last week and can't remember that for sure, either! Lol!

7 things I want to do before I die:
take a trip to Italy and see where my ancestors were from
be a rescue volunteer for beached whales
take my children on a volunteer mission
record my own album
refurbish an old Victorian home
live in a city loft
cruise from Hawaii to Alaska

7 things I cannot do:
daredevil type activities
watch my children suffer
be idle
give up sugar
make divinity :(
hip hop dance, lol

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:
his eyes
his curls
his sensitivity
his integrity
his perservearance
his ambition
his brilliance

7 things I say often:
What's up, buttercup?
I love you to the moon and back!
okey dokey, pokey
I need kisses and hugs.
one, two, THREE!
Hi sweetpea!

7 "authors" I Love (changed from books - see why below):
Anna Quindlen
Sophie Kinsella
Neil A. Maxwell
Henry B. Eyring
Beverly Cleary
Sandra Boynton
Eric Carle

7 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
I hate to disappoint - but I really do not rewatch or reread things very often. While I may have favorites - I've only seen or read most of them once. I am always wanting something new and different!

7 People I'd like to hear Se7ens From:
melissa (if she'd like)


Nettie said...

You say the cutest things. "What's up, buttercup?" That's darling!

sheri said...

I knew I liked you! I say "What's up, buttercup" multiple times/day, too! Also "sweetpea".

beckylou said...

You "sorta" tagged me. I'm not lackrik. ;)

Melissa said...

here you go:)

7 things I want to do before I die:
(actually have a running list of this in my journal, but i will pick only seven:)
tour europe
start my own clothing line
visit all 50 states
visit many different temples
be PTA president
learn to play guitar
be a motivational speaker

7 things I cannot do:
sew (not yet anyway:)
watch scary movies
cut things straight
hide my true feelings
see children suffer
style my own hair

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:
his sweet smile
his muscles:)
his determination
his hardwork
his love for his mom
his testimony
his dedciation to me

7 things I say often:
oh my gosh
stop it
whats up
are you read to be born...little 'lina(most recently since i am ready for angelina to be born:)
i love you

7 "authors" I Love I( dont read much anymore-but i like books by:)
Sophia Kinsella
Jane Green

7 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
center stage
austin powers(i know but its so funny!)
never been kissed
the wedding singer

Lei said...

lol becky! well, go ahead and play!

handiemom said...

Great job! I love your sayings. I wish I were that creative.

Here's to not giving up sugar! I really think it should be one of the food groups.

And I love Neal A Maxwell too. He is one of my favorites. I miss not hearing his talks in conference.

Thanks for playing!

Zoe said...

Oh, I am excited. I will definately reply to this . . . since I actually have time! :) Lei, I am soooo much like you. I HATE watching movies over and over again. Because of this, we don't really have a great video collection. I always want something new too!

Anonymous said...

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