18 May 2010


I took last week off from blogging so that I could catch up on some things I was falling behind in - laundry, showering, ya know - the usual.  Also, photography (the blog still isn't updated - oh well).  The week flew by but certainly not due to folding and sorting or any long, luxurious soaks in the tub.  I did a little photo editing, and I managed to deal with a few minor family crises with a fair amount of grace (blade of grass stuck in your child's throat anyone?).  So I guess I can call that success?

I missed creating lovely things, that's for sure!

My daughter received this chalkboard as a birthday gift one year, a long time ago.  She's 11 now, and so it's mine.  Isn't that how it works?  Lol.  I've always loved it though, and have been borrowing it for various displays since she received it.  It's fun on the porch during the holidays, with phrases like "Let it snow" (In TX?  I wish!) and "Hurry Spring".

Well I've found one more use for it, and that is as a centerpiece for our kitchen table!  Decorating my table is hard for me, mostly because I tire easily of what is there.  So I am always trying to switch it up, and I rarely do the same thing twice.  AND I don't really like the more conventional options for centerpieces.

I just jotted some words around the sides of the chalkboard that remind us of why family meals are important in our family.  Set my cake stand in the middle, filled with some fun stoney apples I scored from Hobby Lobby (on sale!)  and a little blue birdie, and I'm in love all over again with my kitchen!  Funny how that works.

Do you have something lying around that you could use in an unconventional way?

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Katie said...

What a great, simple table decoration! :) In my house, we use old twigs from the garden and pop it in a vase after decorating it with little things like tea-lights or something that suits the holiday, like little eggs on ribbon for easter! It looks very effective :)