22 February 2010

The "Good Mom Rule Book"

What?  You haven't read it?  Well, where the heck have you been hiding? 

In case you were wondering:

Good moms make their kids a school lunch every day.
Good moms go to story hour every week.
Good moms play with their kids all day.
Good moms put themselves last.
Good moms serve a balanced meal at every meal.
Good moms are the first to rise and last to go to bed.
Good moms have taught their children to read and write BEFORE they get to Kindergarten.
Good moms have the playdates at THEIR homes.
Good moms don't need breaks.
Good moms don't get sick.
Good moms' kids never act up.
Good moms never run late.
Good moms never freak out.
Good moms' kids are always well matched, their clothes are never holey, and they never have messy faces.
Good moms' homes are always clean and tidy.
Good moms don't let their kids watch television.

Just a few of the myths I let infiltrate my confidence as a mother.  I know that there are some moms out there who are able to follow some of these rules, easily perhaps.  Kudos to them.  But they are the areas I find challenging. 

What unrealistic rules are in your "Good Mom Rule Book"?


Carrie said...

Whew, looks like you hit on most of them. Maybe we can make a "moms who do the best they can" group or the "so-so mom" group. Ha!

mommy2luke2008 said...

You hit on most them, girl!!! I would love to go to story hour with my son, but the library only has it during normal work hours, so guess what, I can't go because I work. Bummer.

One Fish said...

Yeah I gave up on story hour when A threw a tantrum and had to be carried out kicking and screaming over my shoulder while I tried to balance the baby carrier. I was a little surprised at how many dirty looks I got. Do these people's children never have tantrums?

Blackeyedsue said...

To be quite honest, by breaking many of those rules, it makes me a *better* mom. What mom doesn't need a break or for her kids to play somewhere else?

I think the worst thing is that we feel like we have to compare and compete with other mom's and that is what makes us feel so bad. There isn't one right way to nurture. I absolutely can't stand playing with my kids (games, dolls, house, etc) but they ask me to do art with them or read to them or sit and have a chat, or even go and walk around a store (my girls love to shop...I'm doing something right) and I am game.

Alissa said...

i'm with Blackeyedsue... breaking the rules is what makes me a good mom.

Yvonne said...

I think a good mom loves her kids, does the best she can and is there for her kids period.

Clark Mills Family said...

Good Morning! Love this post except I'm jelous I was always the "MEANEST MOM IN THE WORLD"! Hey just wanted you to know how hard your Bro. is working. And Sunday he gave the most AWESOME talk in church. I AM SERIOUS! Good kid! He has a strong SPIRIT. We are enjoying him. His companion Elder Holley LOVES listening to his "LORD OF THE RING STORIES" and Elder Parente say's "man no one has ever appreciated them like you" They are a good companionship. Take Care and Enjoy being a "MOMMIE" Blessing to you! XO

Morning Glory said...

It could not have been a good mom who made those up and imposed that expectation on the rest of us. What a sad way to feel defeated all the time. We just must do our best.