09 November 2008

I have little restraint

When the urge to create hits me I can do nothing else. Food and sleep mean nothing. And I just have to get it out of my system. Or who knows what might happen.

Wash board turned magnet board:


A "Thanksgiving" Tree, whose leaves will be donned with our many blessings come FHE Monday night:



Hobby Lobby, my favorite treasue trove, had a few of these darlings for 50% off:


I came way too close to decorating for the holidays early this year. Instead I reembraced Fall and used greenery in and around my pumpkin/gourd shaped candles and grapevine balls. The banner was purchased from a friend who's selling them... super cute and perfect for a "Favorite Things" party I hosted on Saturday night.


My laundry room has needed some TLC. So I added a few goodies to help it not feel quite so neglected.




And I found some new fabrics for my Whimsy Wipes. The brown and pick one reverses to brown with pink polka dots, and has the same furry border as the black one. Delicious. And soon to be up in my Etsy store.



I am sure my kids will be glad to wake up tomorrow to real meals and a once again attentive mother, who's gotten her creative fix for the month.;)


Lara said...

You have indeed been busy! I tend to do the same thing. I'm on an off period for now. :)

Char said...

I freaking love that washboard magnet idea!

shay said...

way cute ideas leilani.
jen told me about your party and that she bailed out! i sent her hair clips for it and everything! wish i could have been there.

lyn said...

I love all of it - you have such a good eye.

Yvonne said...

How fun to be so creative. As always, wonderful ideas.

Lei said...

oh man shay! hmmm, maybe i will razzle her...;)

Lei said...

oh, and thanks you guys!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

those are all great. I was just thinking we need to do a Thankful tree for FHE, guess I should head out and find something to put the leaves on. Or maybe a Thankful garland?

Anne said...

great stuff, leilani. i love the furry boarder on the wipes cases.

tjhirst said...

Oh, I like your tree. I just wrote about one I did with my children when they were about ten years younger. I'm thinking after seeing yours that some of them weren't even around at the time and the others were two young to appreciate it.

JD said...

Those wipe covers are adorable!

JLKC said...

LOVE it! You need to come help me decorate my house! : ) I need to do creative spurts once a month too! Thanks for sharing!

Tannie said...

I love everything! It is good to have no restraint in some aspects. Good luck this weekend!!! Esther said you guys are thinking of another in Galveston...count me in.

Sister Molly Jones said...

Dear Lei,
I am impressed with your style and organization. I am hoping you put as much thought into your parenting as the look of your house.

I'll pray that you don't become too prideful!

Sister Molly

Lei said...

That is so sweet of you! Thanks! And I'll do the same... we could all use a few extra prayers! :)

Leisha said...

I do the same thing when I get in my crafty mood. I have to do it right that moment and everything else must wait.