27 November 2006

MOD Monday

With motherhood have come a few things I never thought I'd hear, say, or do. We all know the process of becoming real moms well, I am sure... that painful transition from cooking homemade meals to purchasing your first happy meal, from cleaning weekly to "as needed" (more fondly known as "where obvious"), from the "10 second rule" down to the "10 minute rule" (and occasionally, "unless it has hair on it" rule).

Things I never thought I'd hear.
Not long ago, my daughter walked in the door from school, handed me her jean jacklet, and said, "Here Mom, someone threw up on this".

Things I never thought I'd say.
My 2 year old has recently learned the art of tantrum throwing. Yes,
this 2 year old. These days, his floor thrashing ablilities have me saying things like "If you're going to do that, do it on the carpet." and "Can I join you?"

Things I never thought I'd do.
Race a child to the toilet... yes, more here on the subject of throwing up. (I would apologize, but really - what is a moral of the day without a few vomit stories? )
During one of our recent bouts with the flu, I managed to anticipate my daughter's actions and get her to the porcelain vessel without a second to spare. I thought maybe one day I'd be able to run a marathon. Little did I know it would only be a 50 foot sprint. Speed, indeed!

The point of today's moral is acceptance. Accepting "the things we cannot change".

So accept McDonald's in your life.Accept screaming 2 year olds in your life. Accept vomit in your life.

And life? It should get much easier.


No Cool Story said...

Hola Lei :)

Mommy mode is definitely another world, from smelling diapers to see if they need to be changed, to throw up, to eating your kids' cold half-chewed fry, it's all part pf the whole mother process.
Accept "the things we cannot change".
It gets better, really.
Someday it does.
So I’ve been told.

txmommy said...

you're not a mommy until someone throw up on you is my motto!

good thoughts.

Morning Glory said...

Ummm...no, it doesn't necessarily get better. The challenges just change.

I love your perspective on Motherhood. You're so right-on, so real and always leave me smiling. Your family sounds lovely, vomit and all!

utmommy said...

There are many things I do as a mother that I never thought I would. You're right, we just have to accept it!

Anonymous said...

But I don't wanna accept vomit :P. Really. I don't.

I do love the kids that produce the vomit ;)

Tigersue said...

Tempertantrums! My two year old is into saying "I won't"

Nettie said...

At first I thought you were talking about racing a child to the toilet so that you could use it first! Kind of like answering the door or the phone at our house.

I like your perspective, though. And it is so true, what we imagined motherhood to be like is far more glamorous than real life. But, we never could have imagined how fulfilling it really is either!

Olivia said...

LOL at your post! Motherhood is full of things that I never imagined!

Anonymous said...

Motherhood has definitely changed me! It has stregthened me in so many ways and it also has been very humbling ... it seems like I am constantlly finding ways I need to improve : ) !! But then again, I wouldn't change it for anything, so I do just need to learn to accept with an open heart all the many things that come with it ... vomit and all!

P.S. I just happened onto your site and I must say I love it. I perused your arhives for awhile and I really enjoyed everything I read. You have a knack for writing - whether it is funny, enlightening or witty, you say it perfectly. I seem to easily relate to you. Thanks for sharing and voicing your insights, they seem to coincide with mine very well, you just happen to articulate them in an incredible mannter. Keep blogging - I am sure I will be back : ) !!

Amber said...

Such inspiration. I just need to let it all go. :-)

itybtyfrog said...

I am in denial! I guess I need to do more accepting...it might make me a happier person. Thanks for the great post...and sorry about the vomiting.

Anonymous said...

Accept vomit. Hmmmm... There's a motto to use for all teens thinking about having sex. "Sex could lead to having to accept vomit into your life."

Lei said...

Morning Glory - thank you for the compliment. I am honored considering you are a veteran!

Nettie - so true

Ordinary Mom - what a ncie thing to say! I just write what I need to hear... I am glad it is what others want to hear, too. :)

Tracey - lol

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness....i'm not a bad mum afterall.

Carrie said...

I'm accepting it! This was such a cute post! I definitely had a good laugh! Thanks for being the mom that shows the true reality of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

I think you can read my mind :).

You're right. Motherhood is a place where everything that we think is "routine" and "stick to mom's rule" but later turns out to be.. well, you know how it goes.. LOL