10 October 2006

Moral of the Day Monday

Just when you think you might sell one of your kids, they go and do something adorable. Adorable in a way that only your kid can be. My 7 year old daughter made me a card this weekend. Inside the cover it says (and I quote):

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Here is a card for you!

And on the other side:

Dear Mom, I love you more than you are sweet! You are lucky to have me.

Lol. So, the moral is... if you think you might lose it with your own kid today, just remember how lucky you are. To have them, of course. Not the other way around. Smirk, smirk. ;)

The lovely CMommy has tagged me to do another meme. I've been given 4 words for which I have to share my first impressions. They are internet, preschool, attire and design.

Internet - to which I am *somewhat* addicted. Lol. I remember the first time I really used the internet. We'd just had our first child and moved to Hawaii. The best shopping we had in Honolulu was in Waikiki and I hated trudging through the thick crowds of tourists. So I didn't venture out much, except to the local grocer, food stands, flea market and beach. So I thought I'd check out the world of online shopping. I was immediately drawn to the sales, the free shipping, the save $10 on $50 offers you can find on the internet. I remember my first purchases. They were of course for my baby girl... I bought a couple pairs of $4 shorts from the Gap and a $5 romper and got a free t-shirt and socks! Then when I went on bedrest for the first time (second pregnancy), my husband offered to buy me a laptop. I thought he was crazy. What in the world would I do all day with a laptop? WELL. Let me tell you, there's a lot you can do! That is how I first met MOFs. THAT is how this blog came about. The rest is history! (What does that cliche really mean, anyway? It just seemed appropriate here, lol.)

Preschool - enrichment for little people. Preschool is just so dang fun I wish I could go! Lol! I have been fortunate to find some superior programs for my tykes, too. I love that you can get a break just a couple mornings a week AND give your child their first mini learning and cultural experiences. It is also great for preparing them socially to enter Kindergarten.

Attire - something I think about often... What is appropriate wear for around the house? Yoga pants and a t-shirt. What is appropriate attire for the grocery store? Maybe a step up - jeans and a shirt. What is appropriate attire for shopping? Something too nice for flip- flops, lol, but not over the top. Plus jewelry. What is appropriate attire for a date? Something classy. A girl's night out? Something sassy. Church? Something that makes you feel good. After all it is the one recurring day of the week you have the opportunity to do your hair nicely and make up your face without interuption. Ideally, anyway.

Design - it's everything! I am extremely detail oriented. From my house to my blog! I guess my background in art helps me out here, but everything I do I approach with good design in mind. And it is something I just love to incorporate. I could browse magazines and tour homes and visit tiny unknown little shops for hours. I am constantly looking for new ways to use typical things. Reinventing everything. And I have to have a steady flow of change, too. I can't keep anything - my home, or myself, looking the same way for very long.

Now it's time for a chase. I tag Morning Glory, Kristen, and Itybtyfrog! Your words are classic, forge, home and charity.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Love the cute, cute card... kind of along the lines of "You are my biggest fan." :)

Morning Glory said...

I love your Meme answers. I'll work on mine and let you know when it's ready -- probably later this week.

smartmama said...

so glad you developed a love of internet- "your lucky to have me" as one of your favorite MOFS

Sunny said...

You are lucky to have me..... ROFL! What a cutie!

Morning Glory said...

Just wanted to let you know my meme will be posted on Wednesday.

Amber said...

I love the card; definitely a keeper! And much better than an egotistical ski legend I met a few years back who, when shaking my hand, proclaimed, "Aren't you glad to have met me?" Oh brother....

FrogLegs said...

LOL!! You are lucky! That's precious! :)

Cmommy said...

Love the 'sassy' clothes for girls' night out! And the card, is-so-precious-!

Give your husband a super big hug from all of your internet fans; we are lucky that he bought the laptop :-)Chrissy

itybtyfrog said...

It is a good thing that our kids do such sweet adorable things once in awhile, or we might find somewhere permanent to send them! I will do my best on the meme, and get it up in a couple of days.