12 May 2006

Just a couple articles of business!

First off, a belly shot for my dear friend Zoe. Here I am at 32 weeks!

Second of all, the project frenzy continues. It's beyond nesting now! Since I cannot do the physical things I would like to do (completely reorganize closets, have a garage sale, plant flowers, wash the walls, lol) I am just trying to keep my hands busy. So, I made these for my daughter:

Now, it's time for more Wild Card Wednesday ideas. For those of you who are new to Wild Card Wednesday, it is a day when I pick a topic - suggested by one of you - to blog about. And give you credit for the idea. So, give me a new question or subject to blog about! You can even challenge me to use a certain word in my post!

Also, I have been tagged by
Gabriela to do "the fours" meme. I won't be tagging anyone else to do this one - I think it has made its round - but if one of my readers has been missed, let me know and then go for it!

Four jobs I've had:
strings teacher
recording artist
dog sitter

Four movies I watch over and over:
truthfully? none... I'm the same way with books. TV shows, for some reason, are totally different! I could watch reruns of Friends, Seinfeld, Dharma and Greg or Felicity any time.

Four places I have lived:
New York

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Law and Order
Grey's Anatomy
A Baby Story

Four places I have been on vacation (I am changing this to Four places I have been on tour and *one place I love to vacation often):
*San Francisco

Four places I would like to go on vacation:

Four websites I visit often:
babystyle (for now) :)
Fox News

Four favorite foods (beware - I am pregnant!):
peanut butter
various takes on grilled cheese

Where I would like to be right now (read: things I can't just do on a whim):
out to lunch with my husband
on a walk
completing my baby shopping

Lastly - there's a good list of things you can do for YOURSELF this Mother's Day
here. I give you persmission to treat yourself like the royalty you are. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Zoe said...

Lei! You look so cute!! Your belly is so small and round!!! Awwww, it is sooo cute!!

I didn't know that you liked Gray's Anatomy!!! I LOVE that show, very addicting!

Rachelle said...

Your belly is so cute! And I challenge you to use the word discombobulated.

handiemom said...

How fun! I loved your favorite things list especially about the places that you had toured. What an awesome experience for you! Those places would be on my "want-to-visit" list!

smartmama said...

great bump lei--

i have to say 2 thumbs up for vacation in boston!!

Gabriela said...

Your belly looks great!

Any hotel suggestions for San Fran? Guapo and I are going in July to celebrate our 10th.

Thanks for playing!

Lei said...

Gabriela - my only recommendation is Hotel Diva. It's expensive, but if you're looking for a good splurge, it is very modern and very romantic. :)

Stephanie said...

LOVE the flip-flops! Did they already come with the polka-dots and you added the ribbon?

Your baby bump is SO cute. Loving all of the babies around here.

We should start a "Mom's that are addicted to Grey's" fan club!

Lei said...

Thanks Stephanie... no, I wrapped the polk-dot ribbon aroudn the straps myself. Super easy, super cheap, super fun. :)

Les - I've always wanted to live in Boston and play in the Boston Pops!

Rachelle - thanks for the idea!

Grey's Anatomy discussion group! SOudns perfect! Lol...

QueenMeadow said...

Cute belly!! and cute shoes too :) I may have to steal your idea, hehe.

Nettie said...

No way is that belly bump 32 weeks! And I love the shoes. What a fun idea! I am sooo into watching a Baby Story when I am pregnant, too. You want to know how your own story is going to turn out so bad, but have to settle for watching other people's instead.

emlouisa said...

Those are the cutest shoes EVER! I love them!

And your belly? beautiful. But you screwed up and forgot to put your face in the shot. :)

Maine Mom said...

Those flip-flops are adorable! I love watching a baby story when I get the chance.
I tagged you too, so check out the two for togetherness tag on my blog :-)

maverick said...

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Lammy said...

Happy Mother's day. Beautiful tummy!

Char said...

Cute little tummy!

The Mother Load said...

I miss the belly! I just had a baby in December and loved the belly. It was a great excuse! Now, I repeatedly get questioned by my boys if we are having another baby.
Cute shoes, too! I also fiddle around with flip flops and all sorts of crafts. We could probably share a lot of ideas.
Just found your blog, enjoying it throughly. Look forward to keeping up.