30 September 2011

Have a little fun with your photos

I took some darling (if I do say so myself) pictures of my nephew a while back while he was staying with us for the weekend.  He is at that perfectly delicious chubby age where all you want to do is keep them naked and kiss all their soft rolls!  I knew I wanted to capture the details - his cute, chubby little hands, his beautiful long eyelashes, his roly poly legs... and I knew that I wanted to compile them in a fun and uniquely personal way for mom.

When my kids were little their aunt took some snapshots of them and set them to the words of favorite children's books.  I always loved the idea.  And since I am a photographer I set out to find the perfect words to go with all of Callister's cute new pictures.  I settled on Counting Kisses, by Karen Katz.  Of course, it shall now be named "Counting Kisses With Callister". :)

All I did for these pictures was add a solid colored block to the right side of each image, using photoshop.  You can select a portion of the picture to be covered up and then filled in, or add a block using an enlarged template, depending on the composition of your image.  It's really simple, especially if you already know the basics of photoshop.

These can be printed out and put in a photo album, or made into a book through Shutterfly.  What a fun memento of baby's most darling stage!  

Other books that would work great for this project:

I Love You Through and Through - Bernadette Rosetti Shustak (another good baby one - this is the one my sis-in-law used)
Here Are My Hands - Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault (great for a preschooler)
Blue Hat Green Hat - Sandra Boynton (think how much fun a toddler would have with this)

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Anonymous said...

The captions are very clever. Good job...I'm sorry...Who is behind the keyboard?

Dee said...

I adore those pictures of your nephew. This is such a wonderfully personal gift idea. I did one for my grandson, it turned out so cute, & I purchased the "Counting Kisses" book as a companion piece to it. Fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing it(& those precious baby pics)!