24 June 2011

Ballet Birthday Party

I spend most of spring and summer planning birthday parties for my kids.  It's so fun for me.  Sasha is turning 5 and wants a ballet party.  Since I've danced for half my life, I'm probably just as excited about this as she is!  She's taking dance classes this summer and I see many more in her future.

I've got some fun, fun stuff planned for this party.  I made the invitations last night and I love how they turned out!

I just bought plain, white, blank note cards and wrote "You're invited" on the front, and tied each invitation closed with a strip of pink tulle.

The inside has all the info covered with what looks like a curtain.  And under the curtain it says "Please draw the curtain for Sasha who is turning 5", along with all the party info.

And here are a few hints as to what's in store on the big day:

ribbon wands a la Angelina Ballerina
face paint
flowers for all the little performers

I can't wait!!!


One Fish said...

I had a dance party when I was little and I think all we did was dance around for eachother in our leotards and I still remember it as one of my best birthdays ever! Sasha is going to be so cute!

Amy said...

Sounds super fun Leilani! Wish we could be there...Happy Birthday Sasha!!

Carolina said...

that is sooooo awesome!! i want a ballet themed birthday party :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a cute giveaway!