15 March 2010

T-shirt makeovers continued

My house is back in order and I have been itching to share some new ideas!  Not to mention - finish my t-shirt series.

So here is another little girl's tee tutorial.  Probably the easiest, sweetest little t-shirt ever!

I used remnants of old handkerchiefs for this one.  And the inspiration for this design came from this little dress at Chasing Fireflies:

Here's what you need:

a t-shirt (the one I used is Garanimals brand from WalMart - $3.50!)
pieces of handkerchiefs, cut as wide/long as you want (ribbon or fabric would also look cute!)
a piece of ribbon to attach your tied off hankies to
Fray Check/No Fray
fabric glue

Measure your ribbon (the one you'll be attaching the hankie pieces to) to be the same length as is the width of your tee.  I used velvet to mix up the textures a little.  Also, I chose to attach mine diagonally across the bodice of the tee, rather than horizontally as pictured in the Chasing Fireflies ad.  A t-shirt was a bit small for 2 rows, at least in my opinion, and 1 row looked a little weird just straight across.  Placing 1 row, diagonally, added just the right touch of whimsy!  

After you decide how to lay your ribbon, begin tying your hankie/fabric/ribbon pieces and lining them up on the ribbon.  This will help you gauge how many pieces you'll need to tie.  Use fray check on the ends and let dry before moving on.

Stitch the tied pieces one at a time along your ribbon, leaving a little space in between.  Maybe a pinky's width.  Once that is done, attach your ribbon to your tee. ( I chose to glue mine on with fabric glue because I didn't want any stitches to show. )

And there you go!  Enjoy!

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FrouFrouBritches said...

Very cute! Different than anything I've seen. Good job!

Tortoise and the Hare said...

So cute! I like your recreation better than the original. Any little girl would love to wear that shirt.

Julie said...

This is such a great idea! I love t-shirt makeovers.

Carol said...

What a clever idea! That would be cute on the neck too! I might try that for my daughter!

Erin said...


brown paper packages said...

This is darling! Totally perfect for spring.

Jenni said...

Hmm I like this idea. I'd like to use this on a piece of furniture, maybe a lamp shade. Thanks for the inspiration.

Yvonne said...

Very cute. So very springy.