02 August 2008

Just a few questions

Have you finihsed it yet?

Did you get out of your pajamas today?

Are you annoyed with Bella?


allysha said...

not yet.


sometimes. weird.

Leisha said...

Nope. I don't think so. Always in progress :-)

Yes, I just got home from girls camp. Barely got a shower though :-)

Hmmm. Bella? Not sure.

Yvonne said...

Haven't even started. It will take me awhile. Hope you are enjoying or enjoyed it.

sweetpea said...

yes--I finished it yesterday.

I was out of my pajamas yesterday, and at the beach! I had to read it on the way, on the way home, and then after the kids were in bed!

Yes. For sure.

smart mama said...

I am saving it for my vacation read

Zoe said...

whattttttt?! Why would we be mad at Bella???? Don't tell me, I haven't read it yet!!! ;)

utmommy said...

Unfortunately, no. Been busy.

Yes, but I didn't want to.


Walker family said...

Yes, finished!

Out of my pj's finally.

And yes annoyed a little but mostly with Stephenie Meyer...how can I say this in code...part two awful and dreadful, part three turned into a soap opera a little bit, and what about you know who's happily ever after?

MELISSA said...

i finished it last night, but i took a break yesterday... actually got dressed left the house and mowed the lawn.

i used to get so annoyed with bella, but i loved her in this book!!

i need to email you back! love ya

Linsey said...



Much Less than previous books.

Lara said...

I finished on Monday.

Yes today! On Monday, I stayed in them till I finished, as I hadn't had much time to read over the weekend.

Not too annoyed with Bella this time. Usually can't stand her. So it was refreshing for her to lose the whiny part of her. I actually enjoyed this book more than the others.

Lei said...

Now that I am done with it (finished yesterday) I'll say that I loved Bella as a vampire. She was bugging the first book though. I couldn't see the big picture yet. Overall, I am "satisfied" with the book!

Tigersue said...

I don't have the book yet, I won't buy it. I borrowed the others from a friend, and I will wait for that.
I have had real issues with Bella from the very first book, and issues with the books on a whole.

I love to read, and I love a good story, after reading the richness of characters in Katherine Kurtz's books, the Twilight series falls short for me.

I know I'm in a minority, but I can tell you as a mother of a teenage daughter, I would not one like Bella.
I hated the concept that she is the reliable on in the family, when she is lying to her father, and falls into a month's long depression. Perhaps I am being harsh, but that is what I have thought through the entire series, that Bella needed a huge spanking.

so, for your questions, I can't answer them, Maybe in a year, I will be able to.

(if you want to read something fun, go find Lynn Kurland, I believe she is LDS, and her books get cleaner and cleaner. She has discovered that people love her stories for the characters, and she doesn't have to write to the worlds standards.)

Lei said...

That's an interesting point of view Tanya. I'd never thought of it from a parent's perspective. My kids are young, but based on my own chidlhood I can say that sometimes children have no choice but to be the "reliable" one. Makes you want to know more about Bella's childhood, doesn't it? I think that as her parent I wouldn't punish her per se. The sulkiness got annoying at times, for sure. And definitely she needed to be talked out of the whole tempting fate appraoch to her depression. But I believe what she needs if anything are more communicative, involved parents. :)