26 September 2006

Tag, I'm it!

Nettie tagged me to do a meme which originated in New Zealand. If you are into meme history you can check out the original here.

What do you like most about where you live? I love my neighbors. We are fortunate enough to have the right age children all around us, and they all have terrific parents! We get together often for BBQs and it is a given that we are going to celebrate birthdays together. As for living near Austin itself, well it is dang hot, so I can't brag about the weather. But I do love the city. There is such diversity here. It's the "Live Music Capitol of the World", which as a musician, I can really appreciate! In the burbs where I live, we still need to work on our dedication to the arts, however.
Is there anything strange about where you live? Not really - although it is virtually unrecognizable from when we first moved in. The area is really booming, which is exciting (new IKEA and Outlets) and frustrating (construction) at the same time!
What's one of your all time favorite music albums, and why? Oh, that is so not fair! You can't ask a musician to pick just one! Therefore, I will list a couple recommendations.
Hush by Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean Barriere, and Charles Gounod. It is amazing what you can do with a voice, a cello and some incredible compositions.
Metropolis by Turtle Island String Quartet. Again - amazing talent. Jazz on stringed isntruments at its best! This ensemble is a total inspiration to me! Julie-O is my favorite song on the album.
I also love
Vanessa Mae - classical violinist gone fusion!
I guess I'll stop there, but not because I couldn't come up with many, many more!
Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now? I have all the same passions - for art, dance and music. I am most involved in music, since that is what I got my degree in (Viola Performance and Pedagogy), but I still try and stay connected to the art and dance world. In fact, it is my greatest fear that I'll lose my abilities is those 2 areas! In music I have played in orchestras around the world, recorded on some amazing soundtracks, and taught lessons. In dance I both performed professionally and choreographed. And my art mostly benefits myself and my close friends and family with whom I share it.
What do you like most about having a blog? Blogging has helped me to discover my love for encouraging and inspiring others. I've always been "the good listener", but this gives me the forum to speak my mind! It has also helped me to use my mind - to think, to write, to read - all important things when, as a mom, you mostly communicate on a child's level.
Now I'm going to tag:
Shelah, Les, and Valarie!


Amber said...

Agreed about why you enjoy blogging. It's been a great outlet for me to connect with other women and as a non-scrapbooker, a fabulous way to record our family history!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you blog too ;)

Morning Glory said...

As a fellow classical music lover, I enjoyed hearing your choices of music. I'm impressed with all you've done musically.

Nettie said...

Thank you for playing!

I loved learning more about you. I, too, am impressed with your talents!

ShelahBooksIt said...

done! I agree with meadow-- I'm very glad you blog! I just wish my responses were as thoughtful and profound as yours.

Amber said...

Thanks for your insights and reminder that whatever the outcome, we need to keep things in perspective with the right priorities!

amerimeximadre said...

Lei, you need to share with us which soundtracks you've done so we can say "I have a friend who performed on that CD!"

Lei said...

amber - no prob. :)

deanna - a few cool trailors (Alladin, Pocahontas),movies(Air Force One, Thousand Acres, Anastasia),albums(Three Tenors) and various LDS films/videos. :)

Catez said...

Hello from New Zealand :) I like Vanessa Mae too - I saw her in concert here once, and it was fantastic.