23 November 2010

Sweet, sweet deal for bloggers!

I found out that Shutterfly has got a pretty sweet deal for bloggers!  Look HERE for details.

I love Christmas cards.  Love to send them, love to receive them.  I enjoy hearing what's going on in the lives of friends who have moved far away.  And I love to see how the families have grown!!!  I have a card tree that goes up every year so that we can see the faces of our dear friends and families throughout the holiday season.  That's what makes Shutterfly's card selection so wonderful.   There are some pretty darling ways to display your family picture for Christmas each year!  My experience with Shutterfly in the past had been with their photo books.  And they do such a great job.  I am sure the cards are just as high of quality, if not better.

We just had our family pictures taken, sneak peek to come! So I am pretty excited to pick out cards from Shutterfly this year!  Here are some of my favorite holiday photo cards from their collections this year:

 You can get stationary cards or folded cards.

And how about Christmas labels?  I hate writing more than I already have to.  Lol.  Plus, these are so cute!  Here are my favortie designs:

How will I ever choose?

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