13 August 2008

One more reason to get my husband to start exercising again....

... is not only to increase his energy and fend off a family history of cancer, but so he doesn't feel the way he did the first time I asked him to run to the store and buy me tampons. (Ah, remember the good old days?) Since I began training for a half marathon our grocery lists have begun to look more like spelling tests and riddles. I recently had "sports beans" on there and he came home with bean sprouts. "Honey, it just didn't make any sense!" he tells me, bewildered, holding the grocery list inches from his nose, squinting as if to will the letters into their proper place. Poor guy, the look on his face told me that I have gotten upset with him one too many times for bringing home the wrong thing. But this time it wasn't the wrong kind of apples or brand of detergent (clearly labelled and perfectly legible if I may add). As I took in the genuine look of confusion on his face, I actually understood and even sympathized with where he was coming from, and then began brainstorming ways of disguising bean sprouts in that night's dinner.

Wordless Wednesday


07 August 2008

Relishing Motherhood

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this blog recently... any shout out to motherhood catches my attention and Michal appears to be as devoted to that as I am. She held a writing contest recently, which I am shocked to have won! Just wanted to thank her publicly and point all of you in her direction!

02 August 2008

Just a few questions

Have you finihsed it yet?

Did you get out of your pajamas today?

Are you annoyed with Bella?